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USPS stands for "United States Postal Service", an independent postal authority in the United States of America. USPS is responsible for national and international mailing of letters and parcels. The different sevices differ by the price and the assigned delivery speed. The services have different sums insured and can be located online using the tracking process. Tracking can be handled easily and quickly via package finder, simply enter the tracking number and press the " USPS shipment tracking " button.

Tracking with the help of the USPS

As a state-of-the-art postal service provider, the United States Postal Service offers the ability to track shipments that have been sent by a unique number. Parcel tracking is possible for both parcels and shipments within the US and internationally. Among other things, the service provider distinguishes, for example, between the classic USPS packages, the Priority and Certified Mail and the Global Express as well as the Global Priority Mail. A pursuit is therefore possible for both small shipments and classic large packages.

Access to the tracking is granted only if the unique package ID is entered, which consists of several numbers and sometimes also letters. The USPS advertises a total of up to 11 scans per parcel, which passes through a shipment on the transport route. For the receiver, this allows up to 11 updates to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date tracking of the package. Anyone who frequently sends with the USPS or receives packages, can claim additional services directly from the service provider, with some other benefits, against financial consideration.

The package tracking option for USPS deliveries is sent to recipients and senders directly to

Practical tracking with mobile support

The United States Postal Service not only allows tracking in the browser with the corresponding tracking number, but also voluntary mobile notifications that are against a transmission of the mobile number. be guaranteed. These are recommended due to the fees but only for the American area and are not necessarily offered internationally.

USPS Mobile App Overview on an iPhone.

The US mail carrier has brought under the brand USPS Mobile app on the market . So everyone can load their virtual post office on their mobile device. The app is free and offers a variety of useful tools. It also helps locate USPS post offices as well as Post's automated self-service stores in the US. The mobile post office in hand always provides the current postage costs for letters, parcels, parcels and all other shipments that USPS has on offer.

The GPS-based post office can be used on any web-enabled device. The app helps the user find a mailbox near him. If you need a postal code in the US quickly, you will also find the tool. Who expects a package from the United States, which is also well served with USPS Mobile. Based on the tracking number can be carried out practically at any time the package tracking. The tool informs about the status of the shipment. Orders can also be executed via the app. For example, scan and shipping labels or QR codes. The order will be sent via the app by USPS to the e-mail of the customer. The app is available for Android , iPhone and BlackBerry.

Compact tracking without further action

Tracking always requires the individual number that is provided to the sender of the package upon submission of the shipment. This unique identifier is assigned to the package while the database entry is always updated once the package has been rescanned and processed. The unique number should therefore be communicated from the perspective of the sender only the recipient - usually via e-mail. This should also ask them if necessary, in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming program.

In the transmission overview itself, receivers and transmitters alike learn where the package is currently located, which next step is pending and which day and time the last step has been completed. Depending on the possibility, the USPS also provides detailed information on the expected reception time - this option may be limited in international space. The update process is done automatically by scanners installed during the further processing of the package. So it is not necessary to do any own work by the sender or receiver.

For both parties there are important benefits from tracking. On the one hand, recipients can better adjust to the receiving period, on the other hand, both parties receive a high degree of transparency, as they can consistently inform themselves about the status of the consignment. In case of problems, in addition to the tracking, a telephone number of the USPS customer service is offered, in which further details can be questioned or individual problems can be solved. The tracking service is subject to USPS and applicable regulations. The data may therefore not be collected, stored or further processed by third parties. Detailed details of the recipient and his exact address are not given in the online shipment tracking.

If the package tracking does not work, our support or the support of the respective parcel service will help you.

The benefits of USPS tracking:

  • You can track the route of your package directly
  • If your package gets stuck for any reason, you can see it immediately
  • The exact time of arrival of the package can be estimated, as well as the time for the eventual pickup
  • You can still decide during the shipping process to redirect your package to an alternative address if you notice in the tracking that this is cheaper for you

USPS as a logistics service provider

Even outside the US, more and more people rely on services provided by USPS. Especially customers who buy cheap goods from the USA on the Internet are happy to rely on the reliable service of USPS.

The same applies to customers in the business area. Fast delivery of the package offers the opportunity to be more effective and dynamic in your own business. Many entrepreneurs, who depend on international shipping, appreciate this. For this reason, private and business people like to trust the United States Postal Service and take advantage of the tracking capability that this parcel service provider offers.

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