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The tracking of consignments via the respective logistics service provider is very important for both private individuals and commercial consignors. As a result, more and more shipping companies are offering this service to their customers, including, of course, leading logisticians such as UPS.

How to track UPS parcels?

Since UPS not only carries private shipments, but also a large number of commercial shipments, UPS also offers various tracking options. These are described in more detail below: Shipment tracking is available at UPS for parcels , freight shipments and mail innovations.

  1. Shipment tracking by the consignment number

    The easiest way, which is suitable for both private and commercial consignors, is tracking the shipment by the consignment number . The consignment number is generated when the consignment is dispatched as a " control number ". In addition, in the case of freight consignments, the number of the air waybill , the sea consignment note and, for foreign consignments, a barcode notification and a service notification. All of these numbers can be used on or to track the shipment of merchandise. You do not need to log in or enter any data other than the number mentioned above.

  2. Shipment tracking by reference number

    Similarly, you can track a consignment based on the reference number . The reference number is an identification number that the customer determines himself . This can, for example, the order number from his own computer system, the customer number of his recipient, any other number or even words and sentences. Any combination of letters and numbers up to 35 characters is possible . In addition to the reference number, however, you must enter the sender number , the country of destination and the postal code of the destinationspecify. This type of consignment tracking is also suitable for private individuals and commercial consignors. However, this only pays off for private individuals if, for example, they often sell on eBay and ship these goods or, for other reasons, often send parcels.

  3. Track shipment by e-mail or SMS

    If you want to be informed about the status of your shipments by e-mail, you must register with UPS . He can then request the data of his shipment via the e-mail address . This is possible for up to 25 shipments at a time, If it is just a shipment, it is sufficient to enter the tracking number of the UPS shipment in the subject line of the e-mail. However, it can also be specified in the main part. In any case, this information is sufficient to obtain a detailed history of the consignment. If you have several programs at the same time, whose path you want to track, you simply enter the shipment numbers without further text in the body of the e-mail and also sends them to the above address. Likewise, one can let the shipment course by SMS inform . Again, you have to register with UPA, You deposit your mobile phone number and select the notification service. In the future, you will receive the current send status as SMS. However, this is a possibility that is especially interesting for private individuals or commercial shipper with few shipments, otherwise you will quickly be flooded with information.

  4. Tracking "Signature Tracking"

    This type of shipment tracking is particularly suitable for sensitive shipments , because they can be an image of the signature and the full name and the address of delivery can be displayed. Since this data is particularly sensitive, the customer must register with UPS and authenticate . This is the only way to ensure that the data is not misused.

UPS shipment tracking packages

The delivery times.

The delivery time for a conventional UPS package is two working days. Of course, the time refers to the time that the package is in the hands of UPS. Often, dealers are responsible for delaying the delivery of the shipment to the actual shipping provider.

In addition, UPS offers the Express Plus service, which guarantees delivery the next working day before 9am . This service is therefore provided with a reasonable surcharge, which you pay for the fast delivery.

  1. UPS standard: 2 working days
  2. UPS Express +: 1 working day

For international shipping, the delivery time for a normal UPS shipment is extended to up to 5 business days. With Express Plus, it takes a maximum of two days internationally . This information assumes that the package is not held up by third forces, such as customs.

All shipping options for domestic and international shipping can be found on the UPS website.

Benefits of tracking.

UPS Tracking allows you to access the status of your packages at any time. The system is completely automated and can therefore be called up at any time from the internet. This service is particularly useful because the customer is better informed about the current status of his package. This will make it easier and better for you to plan your everyday life, because now you know when you should be home to accept a package and when you can count on your expected order. In addition, you can check whether the provider keeps its promises as the advertised delivery time.

Even if you should not be home, the tracking has an advantage, because it also allows you to give UPS a special order for delivery. This can be eg a desired neighbor or a parcel shop.

UPS tracking number

The UPS tracking number is required to perform the shipment tracking as it is the individual identifier for your package. The shipment number is generated by UPS upon placing the order and also printed on the parcel label. This tracking number is unique and there can only ever be one packet with a tracking number.

The shipment number at UPS is called the reference number. The number can consist of letters as well as numbers. A certain length does not exist, except for the maximum length of 35 characters .

The UPS tracking number can be found on the parcel label , which can either be printed out by you at home or in a parcel shop. On this is a barcode printed below your shipment number can be found. Otherwise, the number should also be on the receipt that you receive from UPS. If it is an order of an online store , then look in the account of the dealer concerned, if he has deposited with the appropriate order a tracking number. Alternatively, it may also be that the dealer has sent you the shipment number in an email (eg shipping confirmation).

To track, simply enter the reference number of your package above and the package status will open in a new window.

To process a shipment, a UPS shipping label is required. These stickers are available from UPS or can be created on a printer. Based on a reference number, the status of the shipment can be tracked. A UPS tracking number can consist of letters and numbers (example: 2ZRV56A83672038) and can be up to 35 characters long.

Where can you find the shipment number?

The shipment number will be suggested by UPS when the shipment is created and printed on the shipping label. At the request of the sender, the reference may also contain certain specifications such as an invoice number, etc. A shipment tracking can be done on the UPS website. The carrier also offers its customers shipment tracking by e-mail or SMS.

What to do if the shipment is lost?

If you think your package has been lost, then you should turn on UPS Customer Service. The same applies to a damaged shipment. Whether a broadcast was actually lost or there are other reasons that it has not yet been delivered, you can not judge from the outside. For this reason one should react here already with suspicion, because a simple demand creates in case of doubt fast clarity. It becomes suspicious if the estimated delivery date has been significantly exceeded or if the parcel status in the shipment tracking does not change any longer. Bear in mind that UPS can usually ship parcels within 24 hours, so a couple of days late for a shipment is far from normal. If your shipment has been damaged, you should act immediately. In the case of external damage, it is best not to open the package and immediately contact UPS Customer Service. When ordering online you should also contact the customer service of the dealer, because not always the parcel service is to blame.

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