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Fedex tracking

FedEx stands for Federal Express Corporation and is the largest cargo carrier in the world. The head office is in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith. With FedEx Track & Trace, you have the ability to closely follow the path of your package.

FedEx shipment tracking: The Steps.

The progress of a FedEx shipment can be divided into different sections. Such a FedEx shipping process consists of many small individual steps. To help the customer better understand where his parcel is currently travelling, tracking is divided into coarser steps. We have researched the meaning of the most important status messages for you.

  1. shipment data transmitted to FedEx

    This status message is usually the first to appear when you track a FedEx shipment. In this status, the shipment data has been submitted to FedEx. So what should be transported from whom to whom. However, the actual package has not yet arrived at the FedEx parcel centre.

  2. leave the point of departure

    If the shipment has left its starting point (e.g. a parcel shop), this status is displayed.

  3. arrived at FexEx Station

    The parcel has arrived at a FedEx parcel centre and will now be distributed to the next means of transport (e.g. truck or plane).

  4. leave FedEx station

    From here the parcel is on its way again and has left the parcel centre. It is now on its way to the next station in the shipping process.

  5. in local FedEx station

    Now the package has arrived at a local FedEx station. This is usually the last station before delivery. This is the last parcel centre or warehouse.

  6. on FedEx vehicle for delivery

    The shipment is now in a FedEx delivery vehicle and is at the final stage to the recipient. The parcel is expected to be in the hands of the recipient in the next few hours.

  7. delivered

    She's here! Your shipment has been delivered. Your shipment should be there now from this status.

Steps 3 and 4 may appear multiple times in your FedEx tracking. This may be due to the fact that there are several stopovers planned for your shipment during transport. Depending on the destination, it is often not possible to bring a parcel to its destination in one train. For economic reasons alone, FedEx will plan its routes so that as many parcels as possible can be transported as cost-effectively as possible.

Once you have reached status 6, you can be sure that the shipment will reach you in the course of the day.

The FedEx delivery times.

FedEx offers a wide range of different shipping classes, each of which is delivered faster or slower. As FedEx itself specialises in express deliveries, many shipments are already delivered on the following working day. For example, shipping classes with the addition "First" are delivered within Europe on the morning of the next working day. Deliveries to the USA are also optimised so that they can also be delivered the following morning. However, FedEx only delivers on working days.

This is how it works at FedEx.

Each individual parcel or shipment is assigned an individual number once the order has been placed. The shipment number. This number keeps the parcel during the entire shipping process. In addition, the number is communicated to the customer on the invoice or order confirmation so that he can obtain information. The consignment number is printed on the parcel and also in the form of a machine-readable barcode. This is quite elementary, because the parcel centres are highly automated and can use it to identify and correctly assign barcodes to a parcel. In addition, the information on where the parcel is currently located is stored in the system. This status is then also output via the shipment tracking system. The consignment number, which is entered in the form above, is assigned to the parcel as mentioned above.

FedEx tracking number.

In order to use FedEx tracking, you will need a tracking number to match your request. Otherwise it would not be possible to show you the information about your shipment. At FedEx, the tracking number is also called the bill of lading number. It is a 12-digit number. It is often displayed in blocks of 4, like a license key. For example: "1234 5678 9123".

The consignment note number can be found both on the consignment note itself and on the parcel label of the consignment. In the case of a parcel label, the number is printed near the shipping rate. The bill of lading is different. There it can be found several times. On the one hand on the left side, but also very large on the lower right side. Enter the number at the top of the FedEx tracking form. If you don't ship by yourself, but want to track an order, check your online shop for the shipment number. This is often displayed in the order overview.

FedEx delivery times

Shipments with the suffix "First" will be delivered the next morning. "Priority" indicates that the package arrives the next business day. For less urgent deliveries, the service economy shipping is offered, here the delivery time is about 1-5 days. Particularly heavy goods of 68-1000 kg are regarded as heavy freight, but here too there is the possibility to choose between "Priority" or "Economy". To keep track of delivery status, the company offers FedEx shipment tracking.

In this tool, you can easily find your package using the tracking number. FedEx is particularly recommended for deliveries in other EU countries, as the FedEx shipment tracking is also offered abroad. With the help of the package tracking the delivery types can be changed even during the delivery.

Time of shipment and tracking number

a rule, shipments are launched on the same day. Once the sender information reaches FedEx, the courier company makes its preparations for a fast and safe transport. For example, if an article is ordered from a major online retailer, it must first be approved by the shop. Once this is done, you get access to shipping information and status in the FedEx shipment tracking.

Whether an order arrives in time with the customer depends on the sender. The tracking number, ie the tracking number or tracking ID, is on the shipment label and on the bill of lading. Often this tracking number for the FedEx shipment tracking is also already communicated via email with a link. The shipment number can be used to display the delivery status and the entire shipment history in detail. The number itself is a letter and number combination with a total length of 12 characters, divided into three blocks of four characters.

What to do in case of shipment loss?

If the delivery status has not changed for a long time, according to the FedEx shipment tracking, this may mean a shipment loss. Maybe the package is off the delivery route or stuck in customs. In that case you should contact customer support and ask for a corresponding search. The necessary data is used to initiate various research procedures. Normally, deliveries are then found quickly, because packages are rarely lost.

It is important that, above all, sensitive deliveries are neatly packaged, insulated and labeled with appropriate instructions. So prepared, the order will arrive safely without incident. This swift and uncomplicated shipping can then be watched in happy anticipation with the help of FedEx shipment tracking.

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